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We offer three award winning in-person courses, and an online course, teaching our students a simplified way of trading the forex market to make consistent returns on their investments. Our teaching style is combined with theoretical knowledge and practical sessions.


On our courses we will show you that you, yourself can trade at the highest level. We will help you reach your trading goals, take your trading to the next step, refresh your knowledge on trading, open your eyes to the real trading world, and help you manage your wealth.

We have simplified trading and made it easier for you to understand, ensuring you know everything enjoyably, whilst profiting and without missing a piece of information. Don’t panic, we have covered everything you need to know for your trading success on our courses. We offer guidance throughout and after the course for all of our students.


Our available courses are stated below: 

Online Course

In-person Group Course

In-person 1-2-1 Course

All of our courses come with access to our Online Course and you also get a FREE PFX Trading Box. The PFX Trading Box is a gift we give to you containing all the essentials you will need on your trading journey

The Online Course consists of images, text, voice overs, diagrams, charts, videos and tests, in order to give a full learning experience for every type of learner. The Online Course is designed with easy to follow, brief, yet detailed explanations to add value to your trading journey making it almost impossible for you not to become a consistently profitable trader once completed and competent

Course Outline

Introduction to the markets
  • Intro to Project Forex
  • Trading
  • Forex Facts
  • Commodities
  • Stock Market (Indexes)
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Everything Trading
  • Traders Mindset

  • Trading Psychology

  • Common Errors

  • Account Management

  • Risks Management

Fundamental Analysis
  • Intro to Fundamental Analysis

  • Economic Indicators

  • Other Market Influencers

  • The Federal Reserve

Technical Analysis
The Project Forex Way
Transcending Into The Markets
  • Intro to Technical Analysis

  • Japanese Candlesticks

  • Price Action

  • Chart Cycles 

  • Back Testing

  • Key Levels

  • Trend Lines

  • Fibonacci

  • Moving Averages 

  • Top Down Analysis

  • Our exclusive strategy

  • How to use our proven techniques 

  • Why it is so successful

  • How will you use it in your trading

  • Brokers Charting platforms 

  • Mindset

  • Going live

  • Check-lists Entries

  • Journaling

  • Traders Routine

  • Market Rewards

  • Working & Learning

  • Trading Development Process

  • Forex Dictionary

Support & Extras

Support after the course
  • Online Support 

  • Telegram Chat

  • Course Booklet 

  • Online Course 

  • PFX Trading Box

  • Student Events

  • Zoom Sessions

  • Touch Up Sessions

1-2-1 Course Extras
  • Priority Mentorship

  • Priority to Events

  • Premium Lunch 

  • 4th Teaching Day 

  • Exclusive Skype Sessions

  • Exclusive Watchlist

  • All Key Levels

  • Priority Touch Up Sessions

PFX Trading Box

All of our students are also given the Project Forex Trading Box, which contains;​

  • PFX Welcome Sheet

  • PFX Forex Mastery Course Booklet

  • PFX Certificate

  • PFX Notebook

  • PFX Pen

  • PFX Mouse Mat

  • Wireless Mouse

  • Mini Whiteboard

  • Pencil

  • Highlighter

  • Sharpener

  • Rubber

  • Calculator

Available Courses

Available Courses



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