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We understand that you might have a number of questions, that you'd like answering before you take on one of our courses and therefore have answered the frequently asked ones below...

  • What is the dress code?
    There is no dress code, come dressed in whatever you feel comfortable in! The room temperature may vary, so ensure you have extra layers with you.
  • What is the best course for me?
    It all depends on the type of learner that you are. If you are a independent learner that likes to take your time going over things, in the comfort of your own enviroment and are very self disciplined, then the Online Course is perfect for you. If you are somebody that likes to bounce of other people, can pick things up quite quickly and doesn't need that much support, then the Group Course is perfect for you. If you are somebody that likes to take their time when learning, asks a lot of questions, needs that 1 to 1 support and mentoring, then the 1-2-1 Course is perfect for you. If you are somebody that already has experience within the markets, are quite confident in your trading ability and just wants to touch up/learn our stratergy to enhance your trading skills, then the Experienced Trader Course is perfect for you.
  • Can I pay monthly for a course?
    Yes, you can pay monthly for our Online, Group & 1-2-1 Courses, via Payl8r who offer 0% finance on our courses.
  • What happens after I complete a course?
    We do not just leave you to find your own way in the markets once you have completed one of our courses. We will hold your hand on this journey untill your are ready to let go. As soon as you complete one of our courses, our support mechanisms for your chosen course will kick in to play. We will support you via our... - Online Support - Telegram Chat - Course Booklet - Online Course - PFX Trading Box - Student Events - Skype Sessions - Touch Up Sessions - 4th Teaching Day - Regular Performance Reviews
  • How many people are there on a Group Course?
    We cap our Group Courses at 5 people. However, there might not always be 5, you might have less people on the course, it all depends on demand for the course dates you have chosen.
  • Do we provide signals?
    No! Signals can be like a chain. For example, you could be buying a signal service from Tom for £30 PCM, but for all, you know Tom could be buying signal servicesoff James for £20 PCM. When taking signals your entries will be delayed and your understanding of the markets will be poor as the information would need to go through quite a few people before it gets to you. We believe that signals are for the lazy trader who wants to become a trader but can not be bothered to analyse the markets. However, we want you to have longevity within the markets, and we want you to make money consistently for a long time, all, off of your own hard work. Never try to take a signal and make your own trades at the same time because the signal you get could be in the complete opposite direction that your analysis is telling you to go. This will confuse you and make you question your own analysis, as you will be thinking short-term. You should never put yourself in this position, remember the goal isto make profits based on your analysis.
  • Do we trade for other people and their account?
    No, we do not Account Manage at the moment. However, this is something we are looking to introduce in the near future.

No experience is needed, we start from the very basics and guide you through everything at your own pace. Get your FREE consultation now.

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