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About Us, Project Forex.

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We are Project Forex, an education based company, operating in Birmingham, Manchester and London. We offer three award winning in-person courses, and an online course, teaching our students a simplified way of trading the forex market to make consistent returns on their investments. 

Our teaching style is combined with theoretical knowledge and practical sessions. We offer guidance throughout and after the course for all of our students, both in-house and online.

With 100+ students we are one of the fastest growing, most relatable and trustworthy trading education companies in the UK. We base our success off the back of our students success, in which can be seen by their results and reviews online.

We have over 20 years of combined experience trading the forex market. During this time, we've worked alongside some of the best retail traders and market analysts to ensure we have the most effective trading strategy - one that is supported by years of experience in the forex industry.


It's our passion to guide all of our students to financial success. 


Our team has one goal, which is to help you unlock the door to your freedom.

Meet The Team


Sef Semlali



James Clarke

Market Analyst


Yass Benitto

Marketing Executive

Vantage Official Partners


We have officially partnered with the one of the biggest brokers in the world, Vantage. Vantage are an award-winning, multi-asset broker headquartered in Sydney, with over 10 years of market experience, operating in 172 countries. With more than 1,000 employees in over 30 global offices, we are there to support you in your trading experience.

Vantage is a global, multi-asset broker offering clients access to a nimble and powerful service for trading CFDs on Forex, Commodities, Indices, Shares.

Vantage are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and have been running for 10+ Years.





No experience is needed, we start from the very basics and guide you through everything at your own pace. Get your FREE consultation now.

"I came to Project Forex having 0 knowledge of trading, and within 3 days these lads not only taught me a vast amount of information but delivered it in a reassuring manor. They make you feel comfortable and relaxed, you learn at your own pace and this environment helps you take everything in. I took the course back in April and have regular texts and Skype calls with them to check up on my progress which is too incredibly reassuring. They’re a brilliant set of lads at Project Forex and if you go with an open mind and a willingness to learn you really can’t go wrong with these 2. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in getting into trading."

—  Matt B



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